Be the change.
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Success is not possible without completion. Get the structure you need to complete  projects big and small and the accountability that keeps you from giving up.
Accountability & Structure
Get expert coaching to lay the track for a life that will take you where you really want to go and to navigate the road from here to there.
High Performance Coaching
Connect with a well-curated, nurturing and challenging community of  fellow change makers around the world 24/7 and in monthly calls.
24/7 Caring Community
You have a vision for a life that matters. But you're not willing to sacrifice what's important to you to make an impact in the world. Step up to your own potential. Live from your heart. And make a living doing it.
Give yourself six months. Take your life to the next level.
All the benefits of the Most Popular package (Community + Coaching) plus...

Access to one turbocharged get-it-done Virtual Studio Day session every month
Community + Coaching + Completion
All the benefits of the Basic Community package 

Three 60-minute coaching sessions with program creator Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Community + Coaching
Most Popular
Six monthly 90-minute Mastermind calls with training, coaching and breakouts

24/7 access to private, moderated member-only Facebook group
Customize your program with 
one of three packages.
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Victoria Alai
"The Virtual Studio Day is mind-glowingly powerful. The timing is perfect - four hours of work and hourly checkins along the way. I love to do monthly to keep resetting myself, motivating myself and moving forward."
Cal Harris Jr.
"I find myself throughout the week realizing the real value of our coaching sessions. Having this outlet to just speak my truth helps me get a fix on where I really am as opposed to where I imagine myself to be."
"Dear Goddess of Goodness, thank you for today's wonderful call! It's so great to have the energy of this community permeating my field! Of course I want to play with you!" 
Mari Heart
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